Ten Reasons I Take Cold Showers


A few months ago, I (re)stumbled on the practise of having cold showers instead of hot ones. It’s the sort of thing I’ve tried a few times, half-heartedly, and always given up about three showers in. This time, though, I’ve been having cold showers for near on ten weeks. Here’s just some of the benefits I’ve noticed in that time: Continue reading

Garden Update #1: Silverbeet, Garden Pots, Worm Towers and Kratky Jars

I have a confession: I pretty much gave up gardening last year. Two-year-old Chipmunk, while overall an excellent experience, did not lend herself to me keeping anything other than her alive. As a result, my raised bed has been lucky to keep the silverbeet going as long as it has. Especially considering the heat wave in early January and the complete lack of water for two months prior. In fact, I thought they were completely dead, until THIS happened:

IMG_20150127 Pollard Silverbeet

Yep, that’s pollarding silverbeet. Who knew? Continue reading

Geoff Lawton’s Online PDC Opens February 7! (Plus My Review of the 2013 Course)

Geoff Lawton is running his third online Permaculture Design Course this year, starting February 7! You can find the official course brochure here. (I promise I won’t do too many shameless plugs like this. But both Geoff and Permaculture are awesome enough for me to wax lyrical about the PDC just this once.)

For those who don’t know him, Geoff Lawton is one of the big names in the Permaculture design, research and teaching world. He first took his PDC with Bill Mollison in 1983, and has been involved in aid work, designing and teaching since 1985. He runs the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia at Zaytuna Farm in Northern New South Wales. Continue reading

My Favourite Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast SmoothieMost mornings, I find the thought of solid food unappealing. I originally came up with this smoothie to make sure I get enough protein in the morning without having to choke down boiled eggs or other stuff I couldn’t stomach within half an hour of waking. Occasionally I’ll add a bit of fruit to the base recipe, but most mornings I have it as is. Continue reading