How my Garden Grows: Garlic Sprouts

Who knew pre-peeled garlic cloves could still sprout? Not me!
Who knew pre-peeled garlic cloves could still sprout? Not me!

This morning when I went to the fridge to grab garlic for my 24 hour crockpot chilli, I found them sprouting. Tiny little white roots have appeared on almost every clove, and sprouts were coming out of the top of a dozen more. That’s unusual, since I buy my garlic pre-peeled in one kilo (2.2lb) bags.

At first I was simply going to chop them off and throw them in the chilli anyway. Then I thought, why not plant them? The seeds I planted in my square foot garden bed before Christmas have failed to sprout (I suspect the ground pigeons ate most of them), so I definitely have the space.

So I gathered up my sprouting beauties, headed downstairs, and plugged them into the dirt. Each one went in 3 inches apart, 9 per square. Most are completely covered by the soil, though a couple small sprouting heads peek through here and there. I watered well and headed back upstairs to finish off my chilli.

A quick Google later in the afternoon revealed that I’m about two months too soon in my efforts – garlic is usually planted around the March equinox, when the weather is cooling. Sadly I doubt my little sprouts would last that long in the fridge, so we’ll just have to take our chances on them surviving. They’ll get a good soak just before we head interstate, then they’ll have to fend for themselves for a fortnight. Hopefully I’ll have some good news when we get back, in the form of green straps poking their heads up … and if not, at least I tried. And isn’t that what gardening (and life) boils down to in the end? Having a go to see what happens?