Cloth Nappies – A Good Investment all Round

modern cloth nappies, pocket style
A small selection of our cloth nappy stash.

Most people don’t put much thought into what they’ll cover their baby’s bum with. They just assume they’ll use disposable nappies. I’m here to argue for the “old-fashioned” approach – modern cloth nappies (MCNs). Unlike the old Terry towelling squares,  modern cloth nappies are just  as simple to use as their disposable counterparts. Continue reading “Cloth Nappies – A Good Investment all Round”

Review: Victoria Slinglady’s Stretchy Wrap

Image source: Victoria Slinglady's ebay store.
Victoria Slinglady’s stretchy wraps are comfortable, inexpensive, and great for newborns.

Update Nov 2018: It appears Victoria Slinglady is no longer selling wraps.

When I was pregnant, I spent weeks on the internet researching baby carriers and comparing prices. The first I ever bought was a beautiful camo print stretchy wrap from Victoria Slinglady’s eBay store. It saw me and my firstborn through our first four and a half months of babywearing in style. Below are my thoughts on Victoria’s wrap, and stretchy wraps in general. Continue reading “Review: Victoria Slinglady’s Stretchy Wrap”

Water, Water Everywhere: Here’s how I Have a Drink


There are a distressing amount of nasties in tap water. Chlorine, pesticide and herbicide residues, traces of antibiotics and other prescription medications, fluoride – is it any wonder the stuff tastes so terrible?

Growing up on tank water, I never understood why so many of my town friends didn’t like drinking water. It’s still my beverage of choice, a fact that puzzles many. (“Are you SURE you don’t want some juice? We have soft drink or coffee if you’d prefer…”) Then I went to high school in town and discovered the reason for myself – town water tastes terrible!

I also discovered, much to my chagrin, that it messes with me in a serious way. Continue reading “Water, Water Everywhere: Here’s how I Have a Drink”