On the Fine Art of Procrasti-Writing


Oh looky, it’s posting time of week again! The time when I sit down, ready to pour forth my inspiration on the world and make the blogosphere a happier, more useful, shinier place.

Except I seem to have hit a small snag. I call it “diet and stress-induced anxiety”. Sadly, dear readers, I have been neglecting my self-care rather badly the last week. I’ve been overdosing on coffee in the form of double-espresso mochas, heavy on the cocoa (it’s just so tasty, alright?) I’ve forgotten to eat as much or as well as I normally do. When I HAVE eaten, it’s been the quick and easy stuff – which translates to far too many carbs and nowhere near enough protein. I keep forgetting that since I’m cycling more, I need more fuel, and more protein to keep the muscles going. (I shudder to think how much worse this will look when I start lifting weights again.)

To add to the diet insults, Chipmunk has been less than co-operative when it comes to sleeping. Her naps have been three or four hours later than usual, when they’ve happened at all. BUT she’s still getting up at the same time. And I’ve been neglecting my own bedtime (does 1am sound familiar?),  so we’ve all been suffering from lack of sleep.

Part of the neglect stems from lack of actionable goal posts –  the infamous “full fridge but nothing to eat” syndrome. “What do you want for dinner?” “I don’t know, what are the options?” *headdesk claw face off aaaaarchblurlblschrfffgak*

Spur of the moment dinner decisions just don’t fly real well in the Squirrel house. And yet that’s how we’ve been operating  for the past who-knows-how-long.

Another part of the neglect is plain old life-getting-in-the-way. Which leads us to the title of today’s offering: the fine art of procrasti-writing, something I’ve been practising in full swing today.

To illustrate this point, during the writing of this post (I kept a running tally and then wrote this bit last), I have:

  • Run the lice comb through my and Chipmunk’s hair while waiting for Chrome to load research URLs (don’t panic, I do this every week as a preventative and detection measure – the combing, not the research)
  • Taken delivery of our kettlebell order (Did you know that a ~15kg toddler can lift a 12kg kettlebell? Me neither.)
  • Hung up the washing (in three separate attempts) with Chipmunk’s help
  • Danced in a circle with Chipmunk til I’m too dizzy to move
  • Had lunch
  • Partaken of Chipmunk’s “cooking”
  • Ran up and down the hallway/bedroom with Chipmunk to try to wear her out
  • Played far too much Candy Crush
  • Opened the boxes that came from Solarbike with my new electric motor and battery
  • Painted a sign to let the couriers know which house is ours (they keep trying to deliver things downstairs. It’s annoying)
  • Tried out the new kettlebells while Chipmunk napped, instead of writing (or cleaning the kitchen)
  • Changed my mind about the actual point of this post, three times

Procrasti-writing is a sure sign that some other area(s) of my life has gone to pot. I’m a creative soul at heart, and like most, the first place dysfunction tends to hit is my creative outlets – blogging, in this case. Since I have a self-mandated “one post a week or else” minimum, this is problematical.

I’ve been slowly pulling myself back on track. The timely arrival of this article by Tim Ferriss in my inbox helped considerably, as has a reread-through of the “Eliminate” section of The 4-Hour Workweek. Parkinson’s Law and the Pareto Principle have both been put to use. I find Pareto is more useful than Parkinson right now – just asking myself “what 20% of the things I do are making me the most happy/unhappy?” lets me know what I need to focus on. This time around, it was (lack of) meal planning, the state of the kitchen (ie. messy), and not having enough time to myself.

A couple of vigorous de-cluttering sessions have helped get the old, the junky, the no longer used stuff out of the closets and cupboards, and I’ve started writing a set of guidelines so that they don’t just fill up all over again. I’ve started to do the same with a proper meal plan and a master grocery list. Though I’ve been procrastinating on getting those decisions down on paper, too (gee, I think I see a pattern!)

All in all, there’s been small, steady changes becoming apparent as necessities. Making a meal plan – and sticking to it. (Breakfast is first on the list.) Setting an alarm to remind me that it’s bedtime, so get off the damn computer. (If my late-night laptop habits prove too difficult to break by willpower alone, I’ll have to implement more drastic measures. Mostly involving forced shut-downs of wifi and/or the whole machine.) Writing a To-Do List the night before, keeping it short, and focusing on the highest-impact things first. (Any more than three things and I’m probably just kidding myself.) And sucking it up and cleaning the kitchen – not just once, but on a regular basis. (I hate washing up.)

And with that, my alarm has informed me that it’s 10:15pm. Time to go brush my teeth and say nightly prayers while the Raccoon wrestles Chipmunk into her pyjamas.