How to Clear Your Sinuses


Is it any wonder we get sinus issues, with that maze of passages in our heads? Photo source: Flickr.

It’s coming into summer, and the pollen count is rising. For some of you that means you’ve already been living on Sudafed for months. I’m lucky enough to “only” have mild allergies. But they still bug me, since they’re such a new thing for me to deal with. I’ve only developed them in the last year or two, and most days I can’t even tell what’s set me off. So I’ve come up with a few things that help me, and thought I’d share with you all.

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Fire Safety and Kids

Burning off

Given that it’s almost November, I figured this post was about due. It’s already heating up a lot in most of the country, and it’s only a matter of time til the heat sets in down here, too. And if there’s one thing that can be guaranteed to happen during an Australian summer, it’s fire.

I just looked at the State’s Country Fire Service page listing warnings and incidents. Just today – in the twelve or so hours since midnight – there’s been 21 incidents. Eight of them were fires – grass fires mostly, with one rubbish fire, one vehicle fire and one building fire reported. Eight fires. In October. We haven’t even hit the dog days of summer yet – the days where you sit back and hold your breath, praying that no one with careless fingers sets a match to anything or throws a cigarette butt out a car window. Continue reading “Fire Safety and Kids”

“But I didn’t DO Anything!” Finding Accomplishment as a Homemaker

Keeping a home isn’t the same as keeping a job. The world of paid work gives you almost constant reminders of what you have and haven’t achieved – and thus validation. Home making has none of that. It’s hard and messy and often lonely, too. There’s no manager to keep you on track – you ARE the manager. Your employees are all shorter than you and make all sorts of ridiculous demands in return for their wage.

They are also, paradoxically, your customers, and by God you’d better keep them happy. They love you and irk you by equal turns. These customers think they’re always right. And they get crabby when you tell them no.

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Easy Peasy: Split Pea Soup in the Bellini (or Thermomix!)

Trader Joe's Vegan Split Pea Soup & toasted Ham & Cheese on Whole Wheat Naan

I have another recipe for you today. Alas, no picture: I’m not that organised this week. It’s school holidays so we have the Raccoon’s son (Mr 10) staying with us. Between an extra mouth to feed and a house inspection coming up, I’ve been flat out keeping the house in one piece. (In lieu of my slackness, please accept this stock photo. Source:

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Recipe: Bounty in a Jar

Bounty in a Jar02


Last week I took the plunge and bought a Thermomix. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved my Bellini and it’s still working great. But many of the things I want to make really work better with the more powerful motor of the Thermomix. Since the new TM5 was announced, there’s been a flood of TM31 owners listing their machines for sale so they can upgrade. I took advantage of that and snagged a secondhand TM31 for $1200 – $700 off RRP.

I’ve started testing out the Thermomix and Bellini against each other for a future post. Today I made coconut butter (works OK in the Bellini, by the way – but much faster in the Thermomix). But I wasn’t in the mood for it plain. Since we’re a household of diehard chocoholics, chocolate immediately sprang to mind. And thus this deliciousness was born. Continue reading “Recipe: Bounty in a Jar”