Mixed Nut-Seed Butter

Infinitely customisable, infinitely tasty. It's like a spreadable bliss ball!
Infinitely customisable, infinitely tasty. It’s like a spreadable bliss ball!

We ran out of peanut butter yesterday. This makes me a little twitchy. It’s an easy snack for toddler and parent alike, plus it’s delicious when you stuff dates with it as an afternoon treat. (I’m the only one who does that? Really? OK, moving on….)

While my cupboards are currently peanut free, they’re still bursting with all sorts of other nuts and seeds. So this morning I grabbed some out and stuck them in the Thermomix. And I’m so very, very glad I did.

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How (And Why) to Switch to Decaf

Coffee is awesome. Sometimes, though, the caffeine isn't. Photo credit: http://tinyurl.com/coffeecredit
Coffee is awesome. Sometimes, though, the caffeine isn’t. Photo credit: http://tinyurl.com/coffeecredit

Why the hell would you want to drink decaf??

This has been a bit of an ongoing conversation for me lately. Every time I mention to a friend or acquaintance that we’re drinking decaf now, some variant of the above is always asked. And considering the number one reason a vast section of the country drinks coffee is for that blissful caffeine hit, it’s a fair question. Continue reading “How (And Why) to Switch to Decaf”

My Dream Kitchen

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how my kitchen could be improved. I spend a fair chunk of time in there every day, so I want it to work for us instead of making life harder. Of course, this lead me to daydreaming – if I could have any kitchen I wanted, how would I design it? What follows is a bit of a photo tour of my dream kitchen. This isn’t meant to be taken literally – it’s more an inspiration piece meant to get you thinking about your own space and how you can make it better. Continue reading “My Dream Kitchen”