Mixed Nut-Seed Butter

Infinitely customisable, infinitely tasty. It's like a spreadable bliss ball!
Infinitely customisable, infinitely tasty. It’s like a spreadable bliss ball!

We ran out of peanut butter yesterday. This makes me a little twitchy. It’s an easy snack for toddler and parent alike, plus it’s delicious when you stuff dates with it as an afternoon treat. (I’m the only one who does that? Really? OK, moving on….)

While my cupboards are currently peanut free, they’re still bursting with all sorts of other nuts and seeds. So this morning I grabbed some out and stuck them in the Thermomix. And I’m so very, very glad I did.

This recipe is really more of a suggestion than a hard and fast set of rules. Feel free to use whatever you have in the cupboards. Replace the sunflowers with almonds, or the cashews with Brazil nuts. Or use all one nut/seed if it’s all you have.

(My one caveat here – keep the pepitas to about 60g or less. In large doses they’re a very effective worming agent/bowel cleaner. Yes, I’m speaking from personal experience.)

Don’t like dates? Use honey, agave, rice malt or maple syrup,  instead. Or cut the sweetener altogether. Add a dash of salt to make it heavenly.

Play with the amount of coconut oil – I like a nice, thick, stand-the-spoon-up butter. If you want it spreadable, add more oil. Or use cold-pressed sesame or sunflower oil so it spreads better from the fridge.

Mixed Nut-Seed Butter (peanut free, infinitely customisable)

  • 180 g sunflower seeds
  • 60 g pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
  • handful raw cashews (about 60 g, but don’t sweat it)
  • 50 g dates
  • 50 g coconut oil
  • 50g coconut butter (or 50 g shredded coconut)

If using shredded coconut: Place the coconut in the Thermomix bowl and process for 30 seconds/Speed 9. Scrape the bowl and lid to de-clump it from the bottom and around the blades.

Add the nuts, seeds and dates and process for 2 minutes/Speed 9. After the first half a minute, you’ll need to use the spatula to keep everything moving and down near the blades. You’ll end up with a not-quite butter, not-quite dough consistency.

Rest the mixture for a few minutes. This will give the seeds time to release their oils.

Add the coconut oil (and coconut butter if using) and process for 1-2 minutes/Speed 9. Again, you’ll need the spatula to help it move. Check the consistency – it will be quite thick. If you like your butters runnier, add a bit more oil, scrape everything down, and process again for 30 seconds.

Place in glass jars and store in the fridge. Try to use it within three weeks or so, but it will last up to three months. Or so I’ve been told – nut butters disappear pretty fast around here.