My Dream Kitchen

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how my kitchen could be improved. I spend a fair chunk of time in there every day, so I want it to work for us instead of making life harder. Of course, this lead me to daydreaming – if I could have any kitchen I wanted, how would I design it? What follows is a bit of a photo tour of my dream kitchen. This isn’t meant to be taken literally – it’s more an inspiration piece meant to get you thinking about your own space and how you can make it better.

My dream kitchen is probably larger than most. But it’s an eat-in kitchen – no separate dining room for me. It has a table in the middle for family dinners and extra prep space.

eat in kitchens_1

Like this, but simpler. Image Source

The bench is wider than normal – about 6 inches deeper – and at exactly the right height for comfortable food prep. My Thermomix and slow cooker/pressure cooker combo have ample space. (I don’t have one of these yet, but I’m going to splurge when my current crockpot finally kicks the bucket.) I’m not fussed what the counters are made from, as long as it’s easy to clean.

eGullet Heartland Feast -18

Like a food processor but 12 million times better. Image Credit

Gas cooking only. Electric is for suckers. (I would consider an induction cooktop but I’ve never seen one in action to know if they’re really better.) If I could find a side-by-side model, I’d be even happier. I hate having to bend down to check what’s in the oven. Our house growing up had a side-by-side model, with tons of space for pots and pans underneath. To this day it’s a setup I love and admire.

New gas stove: 5 burners!

Image Source

The stove and sink would be right next to each other, with a small open space in between for the rubbish bin and scrap bucket. That makes two sides of the efficiency triangle, with the fridge on the third.

Kitchen (1)

Like this, but swap the dishwasher and sink positions. Image Credit

My dream kitchen has a decent size fridge – a chest version to save energy – and a chest freezer, side by side. Buying in bulk saves us money and helps us eat a greater variety of healthy, tasty foods.


A full freezer is a happy freezer. Image Credit

My dream pantry is equally large. I like to preserve things and buy in bulk – if I had the space to store a year’s worth of basics, I would use it all. I hate shopping. And I love the cost savings and the opportunity to make almost anything I want, and know that I have the ingredients on hand.

Putting Food By, 1959.

A well-stocked pantry is a thing of beauty. Image Credit

If I was going to get really crazy, I’d go for modular storage for things in the cupboards. All the same brand, so it all just works.

Kitchen Cupboard Make-Over: After

Tupperware optional. Image Credit

A mud room connects the kitchen to the outside world. Fresh veggies and fruit can be washed in the sink before heading to the kitchen. Worm bins and a Bokashi bucket or two underneath the sink bench turn the food scraps into fertiliser for the gardens.

Bucket #2 Bokashi Compost Covered

Black gold for the garden, made out of peels and food leavings. Image Credit

The house I grew up in had the kitchen leading straight through the laundry and to the outside. Thinking back on it, it was a great setup and I’d do it with the added mud room. I’d make a bigger room, though, with plenty of shelves for storing food. A low bench on the right with storage underneath to hold our shoes. Rain jackets and hats could go above the bench, two pegs each for the family.

Like this, but no rug. A nice mat to scrape muddy boots on is a much better idea. Image Credit


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little photo tour. What would you put in your dream kitchen?