Automatic Budgeting the Squirrel Way

Following from my last post, today I’m going to enlighten ya’ll about our budgeting techniques in the Squirrel household. It’s nothing fancy, it’s quite simple in fact, but most important is that it works for us. I first set up our budget this way about four years ago, and it’s been chugging along with only minor tweaks ever since.

To budget this way, you need to know the following:

  • How much you earn every pay period
  • How many bills you have, how often they need paying, and how much they are
  • A few hours to do some basic mathematics and then set up the necessary bank transfers

First thing to do is sit down with paper and pencil (or a spreadsheet if you’re like me), all your bills, and a large coffee. Write down all your regular expenses – how often they have to be paid, and how much the bill normally comes to. I also include how I normally pay for things (eg BPAY, cash, on the credit card). Continue reading “Automatic Budgeting the Squirrel Way”

How to Become Wealthy, One Step at a Time


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I feel slightly silly writing something on how to become wealthy. I’m anything but. My partner and I are currently living on government benefits, me as a stay-at-home parent to the Chipmunk, the Raccoon as a college student. A quick glance at us from the outside says we’re probably not the best people to be taking financial advice from.


Unlike many people in my income bracket (or many above it, for that matter!), I do have the following accomplishments to my name: