Remedies for Food Poisoning (and other stomach bugs)

Probiotics - just one item in my gastro-stopping arsenal.
Probiotics – just one item in my gastro-stopping arsenal. Image Credit

The last few days have been mighty interesting for the Squirrel household. We’ve had a dear friend from interstate stay with us the past week (great), gone for a weekend camping trip in the Riverland (also great)… and picked up food poisoning on the way home (not so great).

Luckily it’s been a milder bug than times past – we “just” had horrible nausea and belching, followed by diarrhoea a day later. Regardless, I thought it prudent to go over our first aid supplies and stomach bug remedies. Here’s a rundown of all the tactics I currently have in my stop-gastro-now arsenal. Continue reading “Remedies for Food Poisoning (and other stomach bugs)”

How (And Why) to Switch to Decaf

Coffee is awesome. Sometimes, though, the caffeine isn't. Photo credit:
Coffee is awesome. Sometimes, though, the caffeine isn’t. Photo credit:

Why the hell would you want to drink decaf??

This has been a bit of an ongoing conversation for me lately. Every time I mention to a friend or acquaintance that we’re drinking decaf now, some variant of the above is always asked. And considering the number one reason a vast section of the country drinks coffee is for that blissful caffeine hit, it’s a fair question. Continue reading “How (And Why) to Switch to Decaf”

How to Clear Your Sinuses


Is it any wonder we get sinus issues, with that maze of passages in our heads? Photo source: Flickr.

It’s coming into summer, and the pollen count is rising. For some of you that means you’ve already been living on Sudafed for months. I’m lucky enough to “only” have mild allergies. But they still bug me, since they’re such a new thing for me to deal with. I’ve only developed them in the last year or two, and most days I can’t even tell what’s set me off. So I’ve come up with a few things that help me, and thought I’d share with you all.

Continue reading “How to Clear Your Sinuses”