Fire Safety and Kids

Burning off

Given that it’s almost November, I figured this post was about due. It’s already heating up a lot in most of the country, and it’s only a matter of time til the heat sets in down here, too. And if there’s one thing that can be guaranteed to happen during an Australian summer, it’s fire.

I just looked at the State’s Country Fire Service page listing warnings and incidents. Just today – in the twelve or so hours since midnight – there’s been 21 incidents. Eight of them were fires – grass fires mostly, with one rubbish fire, one vehicle fire and one building fire reported. Eight fires. In October. We haven’t even hit the dog days of summer yet – the days where you sit back and hold your breath, praying that no one with careless fingers sets a match to anything or throws a cigarette butt out a car window. Continue reading “Fire Safety and Kids”

Review: Cheeky Munky Pocket Nappies

The Raccoon said no to the green ones. This made me sad.
Cheeky Munky nappies come in some nice colours. We went with purple, orange, yellow and blue.


UPDATE 2014: A quick look on eBay has informed me that the Cheeky Munky branded nappies appear to have vanished. Never fear, though, this seller here seems to be selling the exact same thing in lots of 10, 20, 30 or 50 nappies.

When I was looking at cloth nappies for Chipmunk’s still-cooking bum, I didn’t have much money spare. I was after the cheapest thing I could find that would do the job. A comment on a message board led me to eBay, and a store called Frank Masons. There I found Cheeky Munky nappies.

Cheeky Munky are a one size fits most, pocket nappy. They came with terry towelling inserts, which do a pretty good job on soaking up liquid. The pocket is made of PUL on the outside, and polyester on the inside. We haven’t had any issues with Chipmunk’s bum staying wet, so the polyester does a good job of wicking the urine through. The cover is big enough that you can stuff it with two inserts if you need to. (Face washers make handy emergency nappy stuffing, by the way.) Continue reading “Review: Cheeky Munky Pocket Nappies”

When it’s Time to Stop

Chipmunk at just two weeks old. Finally getting the hang of this “breastfeeding” thing.

My Chipmunk is almost two and a half years old. I don’t know where the time went. But it’s funny how things change so much in such a short space of time.

As a baby my daughter had an undiagnosed lip tie. The first week after I birthed her, as we established our breastfeeding relationship, was a kind of hell on earth. But we persevered. Soon we had a kind of rhythm, an easy acknowledgement of the many hours needed to nurse a newborn. Continue reading “When it’s Time to Stop”

Cloth Nappies – A Good Investment all Round

modern cloth nappies, pocket style
A small selection of our cloth nappy stash.

Most people don’t put much thought into what they’ll cover their baby’s bum with. They just assume they’ll use disposable nappies. I’m here to argue for the “old-fashioned” approach – modern cloth nappies (MCNs). Unlike the old Terry towelling squares,  modern cloth nappies are just  as simple to use as their disposable counterparts. Continue reading “Cloth Nappies – A Good Investment all Round”