How my Garden Grows: Garlic Sprouts

Who knew pre-peeled garlic cloves could still sprout? Not me!
Who knew pre-peeled garlic cloves could still sprout? Not me!

This morning when I went to the fridge to grab garlic for my 24 hour crockpot chilli, I found them sprouting. Tiny little white roots have appeared on almost every clove, and sprouts were coming out of the top of a dozen more. That’s unusual, since I buy my garlic pre-peeled in one kilo (2.2lb) bags.

At first I was simply going to chop them off and throw them in the chilli anyway. Continue reading “How my Garden Grows: Garlic Sprouts”

24 Hour Chilli

I haven't had much practise at ingredient shots. Can you tell?
Ingredients for 24 hour chilli, complete with ice crystals.

This is my adaptation of the beef chilli found in Nourishing Traditions (p433). It happened one day (well, yesterday) that, yet again, I’d forgotten to take things out of the freezer the night before I needed them. So I shrugged and threw it all in the crock pot anyway, figuring “eh, it’ll cook.” Clearly I like to live on the wild side. Continue reading “24 Hour Chilli”

Squirrel the Homemaker: What’s my time REALLY worth?

Source: are some out there who think that stay at home parents aren’t really contributing. Bollocks to them, I say! It doesn’t follow that just because we’re not bringing in a wage, our time is somehow worthless. Just for fun, I sat down and calculated out what I’d be paid if I was homemaking as a “real job”. Continue reading “Squirrel the Homemaker: What’s my time REALLY worth?”