My Dream Kitchen

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how my kitchen could be improved. I spend a fair chunk of time in there every day, so I want it to work for us instead of making life harder. Of course, this lead me to daydreaming – if I could have any kitchen I wanted, how would I design it? What follows is a bit of a photo tour of my dream kitchen. This isn’t meant to be taken literally – it’s more an inspiration piece meant to get you thinking about your own space and how you can make it better. Continue reading “My Dream Kitchen”

“But I didn’t DO Anything!” Finding Accomplishment as a Homemaker

Keeping a home isn’t the same as keeping a job. The world of paid work gives you almost constant reminders of what you have and haven’t achieved – and thus validation. Home making has none of that. It’s hard and messy and often lonely, too. There’s no manager to keep you on track – you ARE the manager. Your employees are all shorter than you and make all sorts of ridiculous demands in return for their wage.

They are also, paradoxically, your customers, and by God you’d better keep them happy. They love you and irk you by equal turns. These customers think they’re always right. And they get crabby when you tell them no.

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Organising Part Two: My To-Do List and Planning System

Following on from Wednesday’s post, here’s how I sort out my day and keep track of all the things I need to get done as a house-spouse/parent/writer/awesome Crunchy Squirrel.

My daily To-Do list used to be miles long and I never got anything done. After I discovered the 4 Hour Work Week, though, I promptly switched to the uber-short list recommended there. Here’s what some previous To-Do’s I wrote look like:

To-Do lists

This is the main use my 3″ square Post-its get. I write with Sharpie, Connector pen, or some other chunky marker. This serves two purposes.

  1. It’s easy to see the list from across the room.
  2. It ensures I can only write down 3-4 items, tops.

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